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Cookie artists love to host cookie decorating classes. They teach others their tips, tricks and techniques by hosting in-person or online classes!

Cute, but simple!

Do you need to take a class to create these Christmas tree cookies you make with the kids? No, probably not. They taste lovely, but let’s be honest those cookies are about the delightful memories made while baking and usually can be duplicated without instruction. Think of them as your childhood finger painting. It’s fun and kind of messy, but you probably won’t get an invite to show at the local art gallery.

But if you’ve been eyeing gorgeous, decorated cookies like these or one of the many others on this site, you’re in luck!

If you want to learn to create these edible artworks, then there is a class that is perfect for you!

Some of the best cookie artisans in the business are sharing their talent and skills to teach you some of their favorite decorating tricks and techniques.

One option is to find a local, in-person cookie class. First, they are a blast, especially if you go with a few friends. Some events are kid-friendly, where others are more adult-focused in order to provide more advanced techniques. In either scenario, they are fun events with the bonus of learning something new.

In-Person Cookie Class set up by The Floured Canvas

Jodi Till from The Floured Canvas in Sacramento teaches both in-person and online classes. She notes, “The nice thing about in-person classes is that much of the preparation is already done in advance. I prepare designs and then have the cookies and royal icing prepared in advance. This way, students show up and are ready to decorate following in-class instructions.”

During the class, you may learn multiple techniques for applying icing and begin by using practice sheets. This is where you learn how to apply the proper pressure to create outlines and writing, as well as practice to create forms like leaves and flowers.

As you move on to decorating the cookies, there are a multitude of techniques that may be taught. Those may include:

Utilizing the “wet-on-wet” technique, where you place wet icing on top of freshly piped wet icing. This allows you to create effects like what is shown on the mermaid tails and sea shell.

Discovering how to use stencils. This will help you create additional layers of texture and consistent designs like what is shown with these ‘merica sunglass cookies.

Jodi continues, “The advantage of in-person classes is you have the instructor to help give immediate guidance as you focus solely on decorating. There is definitely a learning curve and it’s nice to have a helping hand right there in the room.”

If you get hooked, and trust us, that is very possible, you may want to dig deeper and learn more about making your own cookies and royal icing. Time constraints can make that more difficult for in-person classes. That’s when online classes are a great option.


“Online classes are great for many who may not be available for or close to in-person classes,” Jodi explains. “These classes allow for a lot of flexibility. You have the opportunity to do more at-home cooking. And then you are able to watch and re-watch tutorials as it fits into your schedule. “


Online cookie classes allow you to learn on a flexible schedule!

The variety of online classes is plentiful! Each cookie artist has their own style and may focus on different elements of the process. Some cookiers pay extra attention to the cookie recipes. One of the basic rules for decorated cookies is that you need non-spread cookies. Getting flavors and consistency just right is vital so that cookies hold their shape.

Another essential element in the cookie process is the royal icing. It’s important to understand how to develop the right consistencies for various techniques. Equally important is learning how to create the right icing colors for each project. For many, mastering the icing component is one of the most difficult parts of the process! Many classes spend a fair amount of time and focus on this feature.

And then comes the really fun part. The decorating!

After you take some of those in-person classes, you can keep expanding your skills by finding perfect online classes. Beginners and seasoned bakers can benefit from many of the wonderful classes out there. There are a number of free options that provide great tutorials and resources. Typically with paid classes, you will get a broader perspective and more detailed instructions to help you take your cookie decorating skills to the next level.

Searching this site makes it easy to find both in-person and online cookie class options. Be sure to check out all the passionate cookiers, like Jodi at the Floured Canvas,  providing these services!


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