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Online directories are one of the best ways to be found by potential customers. The Cookie Artist Directory is unique because it is geared specifically toward people actively searching to purchase custom cookies, find cookie classes, or discover cookie decorating tools and supplies.

Benefits of Joining the Cookie Artist Online Directory

  • Boost visibility and be found on local and national online searches
  • Gain valuable backlinks to your website and social media
  • Promote your custom cookie sales, classes, decorating tools and ingredients
  • Expand your reach beyond Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy to connect with customers actively seeking your services
  • Be a part of the bigger cookie community
  • Find and connect with other cookiers
  • Easily control and add your own content
  • Save big money compared to Google Ads
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In addition to supporting your website and boosting search results, consider how this directory complements your social media efforts.

Facebook is fantastic for promoting your items in “mom” groups and local neighborhood groups. It’s even pretty good for advertising, but you should be careful not to rely solely on the Facebook platform. This could leave you vulnerable to algorithm and policy changes, hacking, and the dreaded “Facebook Jail.” This could leave you unable to access your account or connect with your customers for days at a time or even have your account banned completely. Facebook can also be more about connecting with existing customers and not potential Don’t leave potential customers behind! Register with the Cookie Artist Directory and help them find you!

Instagram is such a fun place to showcase your portfolio. Many customers will go there to check out your work. But here’s the thing, especially for local bakers, Instagram is simply not designed for local search. This is not a great platform for drawing in new local customers.

The Cookie Artist Directory is the one ingredient in your marketing recipe that may take you to the next level. We’re like the vanilla in your favorite recipe. It’s not all about the vanilla, but you’ll certainly notice if we’re not included!


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Pro Tip:

When signing up, ensure your NAP (Business Name, Address, and Phone Number) is consistent across all online platforms. This is one of Google’s big rules! This means, if you use a comma in your business name in one place, make sure that comma is there with all listings, social media and websites. If you spell out “Street” or abbreviate to “St”, make sure it’s consistent. This can be an overlooked, but crucial step in getting the best online results.